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 How to Find Parasailing Prices: A Ballpark Price For Parasailing

During the summertime, in warm, seaside climates, itís hard to miss the giant parachutes that float high in the air and signal parasailing season. And anyone whoís ever parasailed has certainly experienced the thrill of the ascent and the calm quiet air that lies just a few hundred feet above water. But how much does it cost to parasail? As you might imagine, parasailing prices vary greatly according to location, the parasailing company itself and the season. Doing a bit of smart shopping can help you find the best parasail price in your area.

There is a great range of parasailing prices. A reputable company that is fully licensed could charge $40-$75 per person. Some parasailing companies charge differently for single, tandem and double riders. They may provide discounts for tandem riders. Also ask your parasailing company if they offer discounted times or days to ride, as many companies have a financial incentive for riders who wish to parasail early in the morning or on weekdays. This can be an essential timesaving step, especially if you are planning to parasail during the peak season of a popular vacation destination (parasailing companies might raise their prices during the months of higher business volume). You should also know that most parasailing companies charge a viewing fee for nonriders that accompany a rider on the boat; this viewing charge typically hovers around $10-$20. The local visitorís guides, tourism brochures and even the local newspaper occasionally offer coupons to use at parasailing companies.

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The Price of Safety
Itís important to note that parasailing prices should not be the deciding factor that causes you to select one parasailing company over another. Parasailing can be dangerous, so your safety depends on the quality of the establishment you choose to do business with. Ensure that the parasailing company you select is fully licensed, insured and well established. New parasailing companies may try to capture business by posting unbeatable parasail prices, but you must first consider your safety. Be sure to ask if the parasailing boatís captain is a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain. On the day of your parasailing adventure, check the weather forecast. Call your parasailing company to ask if the dayís weather conditions are safe to parasail, especially if the weather forecast warns of an approaching storm, rain, fog or moderate to high winds. All of these external factors can immediately make a delightfully fun activity very dangerous. Tips to Avoid a Parasailing Accident

There is no price for your own safety. The most reputable parasailing companies are those that can identify and interpret changing weather conditions and always err on the side of safety. That said, once youíve found a few acceptable parasailing companies, shop around for the best parasailing price. Look for coupons in local publications, and donít feel apprehensive about calling the parasailing company directly to inquire about their range of parasailing prices according to season, day, time and number of riders. A reputable parasailing company a few miles farther up or down the beach could feature a far lower parasail price.

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