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 Tips to Avoid a Parasailing Accident - Parasailing Accidents Decrease When Safety Comes First

When youíre sitting serenely nearly 500 feet in the air, enjoying the calm air and excellent view, itís nearly impossible to imagine the half-dozen dangers that could befall you. Although many parasailing companies boast accident-free records, parasailing can be dangerous. According to the Parasail Safety Council, a worldwide parasailing association based in Florida, the most common parasail accidents are due to tow line separation from the boat, equipment failure, high speed water and deck landings, canopy rotation, line popping, and whiplash. During the summertime, itís easy to read about cases of injuries and even deaths that result from a parasailing accident. By educating yourself as a rider about the potential pitfalls of parasailing, you can learn the best questions to ensure the safest parasailing experience possible.

Prepare for Safe Sailing
First, do your research. Unfortunately, the parasailing industry has no official licensing requirements, industry standards or qualifications, so your safety directly depends on the parasailing company you choose. Use these helpful tips when preparing for your next parasailing adventure:

  • Ask how long the company has been in business.

  • The parasailing company you do business with should be licensed by both the state and city or county and exist in a well-established location.

  • The Parasail Safety Council recommends you ensure that the boatís captain is a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain.

You Canít Control the Weather
On the day of your appointment, check the weather report. Avoid weather conditions like rain, fog or an approaching stormóthese greatly increase your chances for a parasailing accident.

Donít be afraid to call up the parasailing company before you leave for your appointment to ask if the current weather conditions are safe for sailing. Any degree of high winds can be crippling to the safety of a parasailing trip. By selecting the most reputable company available, youíre more likely to do business with a parasailing company that operates safely, employs skilled professionals and uses well-maintained equipment. They will take the weather seriously.

Parasailing Safety Procedures
Even the parasailing companies with the highest quality of staff and parasailing equipment can experience a potentially dangerous situation that could lead to a parasailing accident. Before your flight, the parasailing crew should give a safety briefing that covers evacuation procedures, the usage of hand signals and a thorough description of the parasailing experience. Commit this information to memory. If something should go awry while youíre airborne, you need to be able to clearly communicate your status to the crew; shouting audibly down hundreds of feet amid ocean winds is nearly impossible.

Unfortunately, even individuals that are knowledgeable and careful can still experience a parasailing accident. As with any outdoor activity, there is inherent risk in parasailing. Parasailing accidents can happen with even reputable companies, but the danger involved significantly decreases if you choose the most established company around. Avoid unlicensed parasailing companies, or companies that are hesitant to disclose their safety and certification information, even if their cost is far more attractive than an established parasailing company. No price is too great to pay for safety.

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