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Other Water Sports

Water Sports extend beyond well beyond parasailing; you can enjoy a ride on an inflatable watersled, or add excitement to your holiday with a ride on a Sport Utility Towable. If you are a water sports on..there is lots to hold your interest!

Inflatable Watersleds

Inflatable Watersleds are “banana” shaped inflatable boats that are linked to high-speed boats, and give the rider a thrilling and fun filled foray into the waters. Safe and suitable for all age groups ranging from little children to older people, a ride on an Inflatable Watersled gives you an opportunity to explore the waters from close quarters.

Various accessories are available that go with Inflatable Watersleds:

Towlines, Life Jackets, Automatic Inflators/Deflators, Patch Kits replete with Urethane adhesive and sealant are often packaged along with the Watersled.

Water Trampolines

Add that zing to your children’s summer holiday…buy your very own water trampoline that can be easily set up in lake homes, commercial beach resorts and summer camps. They are ideal for safe and exciting activity for your children. Water Trampolines are versatile in that, they can be used for great exercise or easy laid back lounging, on the calm waters.

Sport Utility Towable

A new and innovative product has been making waves on the water sport’s scene… the Sport Utility Towable, or SUT is a versatile product. Three products have been rolled into one to create this high utility, multi-tasking equipment. It can be used as a watersled, a Water Trailer, or alternatively as a Swim Deck! This product now available in the market performs all three functions with considerable ease.

Imagine going on a trip to your favourite camping spot. Pile all your paraphernalia on your SUT, and tow it to the spot; even a 25 HP boat will do! Once there unload it and transform it into a swimming platform... the kids will love it! Eager for more? Hitch it to a high-speed boat and... Eureka! Your watersled is ready!!

Inflatable Tubes

Take an Exhilarating ride through the choppy waters on an inflatable tube and taste ecstasy!
More and more people are opting for this safe but thrilling option; clamber onto an inflatable tube, (usually with seating capacity for one or two people) comfortable and yet secure, and zip through the waters at unbelievable speed behind a high-speed boat. Commonly available inflatable Tubes are Airhead Slice, Airhead Viper, Airhead Turbo Blast and many more.

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