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Parasailing Equipments

Make your Parasailing Experience a more satisfying and complete one; avail of the comprehensive range of equipments and parasailing accessories available in the market.

Life Jackets

An important precaution that any sport enthusiast must take before venturing out for any water sport is a Life Jacket. A Life Jacket is widely available in various sizes and colours.

Quick Releases

This piece of equipment fits snuggly between the towline and the parasailing chute and allows for floating to the water freely.


Another precaution that you cannot do without, be it any adventure sport, including parasailing, is a helmet. A whole variety of sizes and colours are available in the market.

Wind Meters

Specialized equipments are now available that measure the wind velocity to indicate the optimum speed suitable for parasailing. A very helpful accessory, this will specially come in handy for Commercial Parasail Operators.


This is an equipment that indicates the wind direction, to facilitate precise takeoffs.

Feather Flags & Banners

Spruce up your Beach Sports Outfit with these smart and fancy logos that will attract visitors interested in parasailing, from miles afar.

Winch Boat System

Parasails are often and most safely launched on a winch boat. These boats are widely available in all makes and with all parts.

Double and Triple Bar

A Bar that enables 2 or even 3 riders on the parasail, instead of just one! These bars are padded for comfort, are strong, and are available in various designs.

Launch Bar System

Made out of stainless steel, this system enables riders to launch the parasail on the boat.


A harness is required to secure the pilot in his seat, to ensure a safe comfortable ride while parasailing. An important accessory, it is available in various sizes. Your Unique Source for Parasailing Equipments
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