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Parasailing Methods

Platform parasailing

Platform parasailing is offered in some major countries and resort areas throughout the world. Although it may not be a as dangerous in comparison to Beach Parasailing, it is still not recommended as a safe experience. If you intend to parasail using this method make sure the wind is under 5 and over 15 mph, in rough oceans, poor weather and certainly away from buildings and other objects in close proximity.

As in Beach Parasailing, the parasailor is strapped into a harness which is attached to the parasail canopy and connected to the tow boat via a rope. No steering instructions for landings are needed. The tow boat and platform begin idling forward inflating the canopy. Alongwith a complete water survival training course in the event of an emergency. There is very little the parasailor can do to protect themselves if something goes wrong!

The tow boat and platform (if motorized) accelerate, lifting the parasailor skyward. Once aloft, achieving altitude is similar to beach parasailing. Altitude is controlled by boat speed. Height is determined by the amount of tow rope.

Once aloft, altitude is controlled by boat speed. Initially the boat travels into the wind the boat speed is constantly adjusted to maintain the desired height. When turning to cross wind or down wind, the boat speed is increased to maintain the desired flying height which is relative to the oncoming air speed entering the parasail canopy.

The tow boat and platform align themselves into the wind. The parasailor does not have to steer the canopy. The boat slows and then stops in perfect synchronization with the platform, otherwise the flyer could be dragged across the platform into the water.



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